CFOs who partner with Rhonda are looking to realise ambitious growth plans.

‘From my own experience I know what’s involved in juggling day-to-day work as a Finance Leader; putting out daily ‘fires’, all the while striving to develop executable strategies and reporting into the board.  Although not intended, sometimes actively developing the team you’ve put together slips through the cracks.  And sadly, all the work you’ve put into growing the business is curtailed when you drop that one ball.

As a finance professional, you’d know that the true assets of the business are you – the people.  Not on any balance sheet, when every employee does their job there’s a business.  When employees are skilled, motivated and led, that business grows.

An important lesson I’ve learnt in leadership is this, to get it all done a good support network is key.  If you already have a tax consultant and a lawyer on your speed dial you’d understand what I mean.  Specialists have their place in growth and that’s where I come in.  My support service involves working closely with you, so you and your team deliver the corporate strategy.’

About Rhonda Best

Rhonda Best is a growth strategy specialist who has successfully leveraged her finance skills as a Chartered Accountant to add sustainable value for business owners and leaders. With just over 2 decades’ business experience, Rhonda has a demonstrable track record for leading teams that delivers shareholder return and scale businesses.

A true go-getter and problem solver, Rhonda has an enigmatic ability to liberate others so they achieve their full potential. She’s an active associate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a global brand with 178,000 members, co-founder of AXC a fast-growing practical leadership training programme for driven professionals, MBAs and Senior Managers and the Managing Director at Alexander Bain, a management consulting practice head-quartered in London. Here’s a summary of her work: