On Wednesday 24th February 2016 I facilitate the lunchtime event entitled ‘How to promote yourself as a credible business adviser’ to an audience of 100+ business professionals.

On Thursdays I chair committee meetings for the AXC group in London.  To find out more about these events or how you can create your own group, go to

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Stakeholder (including employee) engagement has a significant part to play in business growth, hence my involvement speaking on topics which cover career progression, leadership and business growth.  Some topics I can speak on at your next event include:

Behaviours that inspire others to act

Leadership: by invitation only

There’s no glass ceiling, just learned helplessness

Community:  the first step to business growth

Measuring management toxicity

For more information or a full repertoire contact me on LinkedIn or via e-mail: rhonda(dot)best(at)alexanderbain(dot)co(dot)uk