I can’t pinpoint an exact moment that my curiosity in business growth began, however reading for an MBA helped give some structure to how I now perform researches.  My current research is for the upcoming book ‘Enabling High Growth’.  Unlike other business books which feature recollections of how growth might have happened, EHG aims to outline key frameworks for growth, which can be adapted within business ecosystems.

The research’s hypothesis is:

Among the myriad of growth strategies there are key underlying frameworks to achieve business growth; and as a result promote speed and higher returns for shareholders

At the core of this body of work is what I’ve come to understand of the agricultural sector.  There are over 20,000 species of edible plants in the world yet fewer than 20 species now provide 90% of our food.  The decision to focus on just a few species were made by the pioneering farmers based on environment factors and crops resulting in better yields.  These discoveries influenced the agricultural revolution.

Modern management techniques are being adopted widely around the globe, with transparent results quickly available.  This permits my analytical work.

To find out more or get involved in the research contact me on LinkedIn or via e-mail: rhonda(dot)best(at)alexanderbain(dot)co(dot)uk.